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blog graphics - $15

Price per graphic. 5 graphic bundle for $50.

I'll design graphics for your blog post, with or without text. You can also choose to have quote graphics designed for any text in your blog post you wish to  emphasize, or for social media purposes. Other blog graphics include collages and call-to-action images. Graphics will be designed with applicable branding if so desired.

presentations - $150

Price per 20 pages. Each additional page is $5.

For any speaking engagement you have scheduled, I will put together your presentation based on the material you provide. Your preferred text-to-image ratio will be applied along with any applicable branding if so desired.

infographics - $20

Price per graphic

Infographics are a great way to convey your message to your audience in a condensed visual manner that is easy to digest. Can include step-by-step instructions, flow charts, graphs, pic charts, or stats, to name a few. As always, any desired branding will be applied.

Documents - $10

Price per page. After 10 pages, each additional page is $5.

Any printable documents or handouts of any kind (checklists, surveys, spreadsheets,  summary documents, etc.)  

blog header - $15

Price per header

If your blog or website needs a title header, I can design these with applicable branding. Please note that this is not designing your logo, but rather around it.  Logo design requests will be taken into consideration on a case by case basis.

blogging - $20

Price per post of 400-600 words. $0.05 per word after that.

As an editor and blogger for other websites, I offer this service for anyone who finds it challenging to either find the time or come up with content to engage with your audience and humanize your brand.

editing - $15

Price per post of up to 600 words.

If you have no problem producing content but need a hand  formatting it for your blog, or simply a second pair of eyes to go over your content,  I offer this service for your convenience.

other - $$

Based on scope and kind of work requested.

I understand that every need may not fir into one of the 5 categories outlined and am therefore willing to assess on  a case by case basis any other desired projects. Ultimately I want you to focus on and provide the best content to your audience and not have to worry about making it look pretty or related graphics.